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About Latino Band

Latino Band has been established on August 10, 2002 and from May 2011 re-made by Guitarist Agron Peni (classical and Flamenco guitar) who is also leader of the band working with Sokol Latifi (vocals & bass) and Ertan Iliyaz (Cajon and a unique set of batteries).

This group was formed with the idea to bring a kind of music with a very distinct style which is currently in our deficits. The trio’s goal is to bring a repertoire processed with Albanian original songs and instrumental music composed by Guitarist Agron Peni and orchestrated by Latino band project.

Genre of music; Flamenko, Rumba, Tango, Bosa Nova, Jazz rhythms.
Latino Band aims to promote Kosovar culture with that of the region, by way of concerts and musical performances abroad.

Contact :  info@latinoband-ks.com

Permanent members :

  • ۰ Elizabete Krasniqi – (Vocal)
  • ۰Agron Peni ( Classic & Flamenko Guitar)
  • ۰Sokol Latifi (Vocal & Bass)
  • ۰Ertan Iliyaz (Cajon & Drum set)
  • ۰Meriton Ferizi – (Accordion)
  • ۰Agron Hasani – (Percussion)
  • ۰Festim Fanaj – (Violin & Back Vocal)
  • ۰Florim Fanaj – (Fretless Bass)
  • ۰Tomor Shkoza – (Drums)


Agron Peni

Sokol Latifi Born in Kumanova (Macedonia) who play bass guitar and also are experienced on Vocal in Latino Band project.


Ertan Iliyaz are experienced instrumentalists, who plays keyboards and cajon with drum set. Iliyaz began music lessons at the age of 7 in Prishtina. Same place graduated from “Prenk Jakova” music school on piano section.

Fifteen years previously involved in various musical projects in Turkey and Kosovo, such as: the „Alcala“ latin jazz orchestra, rock band’s and other traditional musical orchestras. (ertaniliyaz.com)